Massage Treatments


Tailored Massage Treatment  - you decide what Massage you want.

One hour minimum time.

Areas that can be worked on include: feet, legs glutes, arms, hands, neck, back, shoulders, face, scalp.

Duration  Price
60 min  £65
90 min  £85
120 min  £110

Time can be shared with other people if you wish.

* So for example if 4 people would like 30 minutes each then booking 2 hours will save £20 on the price. or 2 people can have one hour each, and so on.

*After 2 hours the prices will be fixed at a reduced rate of £55 per hour, £75 for 90 minutes, and £100 for 2 hours.

The massage table size is as follows, so please try and find a space to allow me put the table up and manoeuvre around it.

  • Length: or 185cm or 69″inches
  • Width: (76cm) 30″inches

Please could you make me aware of any parking restrictions before my visit, or if you could advise me on the best place to park that would be much appreciated, thank you.




(A consultation form must be completed upon first visit – please make Jay aware of any specific health issues)